Bala Mudaly

Bala has written a short story collection entitled Colours of Hope and Despair.

This debut collection of poems and short stories explores varied themes, moods, genres and voices. In literature as in life, the boundary between what is real and what is imagined may be tenuous.

Equally, hope and despair may be co-related experiences. So loss and despair in some stories and poems in this collection give way to hope and possibilities

Bala is a psychologist and retired only this year at the age of 80. Oakleigh has been his home for the past 29 years, since he migrated from South Africa with his wife. Bala is partial to writing essays and short stories, which are usually set in Oakleigh and surrounding suburbs. He took up writing as a hobby two years ago when he noticed a slow decline in his spelling and creative writing skills. He is particularly fascinated with how characters in fiction come into being, take on a persona of their own, and often outlive their creator.