Robert New

Author of our first publication, Incite Insight. Robert has previously self-published a novel and had some short stories published in magazines. Incite Insight is an intriguing tale about a Detective’s investigation into melting brains and an intelligence raising program.

Movemind is Robert’s twelve story anthology centred around the theme of being altered by a situation. In the acclaimed How to Win a War, a soldier experiences a strategy for ending wars that might just work. In The Patriotic Amnesiac, a mother voluntarily gives up her ability to form new memories with far-reaching consequences. In the dystopian The Second Fear a ministry attempts to produce fear in someone who is incapable of feeling it. In the closing story, Devilish Tricks, a deal with the Devil changes the life of Casimir Hendrix, but is it for the better?

Mug Punter contains three short caper stories. Jimmy “Mug” Punter and his crew pull off three heists, but things don’t always go to plan.

Colours of Death: Sergeant Thomas Casebook: A collection of nine detective stories where colour plays a role in the mystery. Includes:
Blue Bloods: A school awards ceremony turns to tragedy when the audience turns blue as they die.
The 11th Killer: A serial killer’s hair colour may be the key to their capture.
Black Death: After a body is dumped in public, working out how the victim died is harder than decoding the intended message.
Fear the Red Man: An incident with the Red Man haunts Sgt. Thomas, but may also be the key to solving a new case.


Robert has written two childrens books. Each was written with one of his children. They are beautifully illustrated by Magdalena Almero Nocea.