Shannon Azzaro

Shannon is a retired librarian who utilises her skills to track down rarely seen sources to provide comprehensive, factual and startling historical narratives.

Her debut non-fiction book From Fame to Infamy: Captain Forbes and the loss of the Schomberg uses new sources of information tracks the whole story of the Schomberg in greater detail against the narratives of the day. Historians, sailing, and shipwreck enthusiasts have published many versions of the shocking tale of Master Mariner, Captain “Bully” Forbes, who wrecked the mighty clipper Schomberg along the Victorian Shipwreck Coast in 1855. But what if those books got it wrong?
Was the journey a case of “Hell or Melbourne in 60 days?” Did Forbes bring about his own downfall? Was his reputation ruined by others, and if so, why?

The book was launched in December 2022.