Beyond Violence (our 3rd publication).

Our next publication – Beyond Violence by Jiddu Krishnamurti, is a very unusual project for Tale Publishing. It is a translation into Arabic of a philosophical text concerning the sociology of knowledge and the nature of mental liberation. The translation has been completed by Robert Sayegh and we are publishing it in collaboration with the Krishnamurti Foundation. This is helping us achieve our objectives of “forming partnerships that enable our publications to reach the widest possible audience,” and publishing “2 or 3 books a year.” In fact this will be our third book since December, so we can cross the latter off for this year already.

However, working in what to us is a foreign language produces some interesting challenges. The Arabic script is not written from left to right and books are published back to front from our usual perspective. This means that software that automatically adds the barcode to the back cover is now adding it to the front cover instead. Thankfully, Robert Sayegh is working closely with us as we bring this book to publication, so such things are being picked up and will be corrected before release.

File 12-08-2016, 09 50 54

Proof copy with text the wrong way

Being the type of book that it is, we will only be doing a very small print run before making it available as print on demand and an e-book.

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