From little things…

The last few months have led to some exciting developments with Tale Publishing. Our distribution partnership has started and orders for hard copies of our titles will now be distributed by Woodslane. Our next goal is to gain similar distribution for Europe.

We now have six authors under our banner and several new titles set for publication. In January we will be re-releasing a back title from one of our authors, Jeremy Stanford, called Year of the Queen. This is a memoir of his time in the stage production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and the release is timed with a revival of this musical. In March, Jeremy’s debut novel, Rapture, will be launched.

Early next year will also see the release of a speculative short story collection from Robert New, tentatively called Movemind. This will be his second book with us.

We’re also expecting to launch a series of six children’s and two non-fiction books from a new author soon. We’re keeping the rest of the details under wraps as the titles and scope of the project are finalised.

For a company that aims to publish two or three titles a year, we have at least ten titles set for release next year, which leads to the following:

Since forming we’ve had strong interest from people submitting manuscripts to us for consideration. We have been thrilled to generate such interest and have signed half of our authors from this process, however the submissions have built up and our response time has extended beyond what we consider to be fair. As such we have made the decision to close our submissions until at least November so that we can clear the backlog.

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