Books at MIFF (B@M)

Last month we reported we’d been to the Melbourne International Film Festival to promote the idea of adapting some of our books for the screen. The one-on-one meetings with movie producers was a fascinating experience. Pleasingly, there was active interest in the role of women in the books. Note to budding authors: Movie producers are no longer interested if women are just damsels in distress or define themselves by their relationship status. They wanted strong female characters.

One of our books, Rapture by Jeremy Stanford had been pre-selected for a special shortlist of titles whose rights were available. This meant it had an extra promotion to the hundred plus producers taking part. The pitch was delivered by Seph McKenna the CEO of Screenwest and followed by a QnA with Seph and Tale Publishing’s Publisher, Robert New. Seph did the pitch as the voice of God (appropriate for the book) and it was very well received, leading to several producers expressing interest in the one-on-one meetings. Who knows where it might lead?

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