Cover Reveal for Colours of Death 2

Robert New has written a follow-up series of stories to his ReadFreely “Best Book We’ve Read All Year – Runner Up” anthology Colours of Death: Sergeant Thomas’ Casebook. The new collection, Colours of Death 2 contains nine new Sergeant Thomas stories and continues the colour theme of the first book.

Robert is particularly proud of this collection and feels the mysteries are even more beguiling than before. “I’d be hard pressed to name a favourite story. They each offer something unique,” he said when pitching the stories to us. They are filled with his usual mix of quirky science facts and novel ideas, but what impressed us most was how the stories are more involved and twisty than before. As such we are sure these stories will thrill and entertain mystery lovers.

The book will be released this December. Here are the details for the nine stories in the anthology:
Red: Poison Fire
A horrific death and an obvious suspect. However, is the case as simple as it appears?
Violet: The Unique Vision of Mr Kallang
A rare ability leads to a major drug bust, but what happens when it’s challenged in court?
Blue: Froggy
The mayor of Sergeant Thomas’ hometown has been murdered. Could someone he knows have done it?
Green: Fuller
When soil is found in the stomach of a deceased teenager, the autopsy only makes it harder to determine a cause of death. Why did she die?
Indigo: Pressure Point
A mysterious summons leads an informant of Sergeant Thomas to seek help locating his girlfriend.
White: The White Tales
Sergeant Thomas joins a newly formed club and is presented with a mystery. Why did a newlywed drown her husband? More importantly how did she get away with it?
Yellow: A Billionaire’s Bath
A mining magnate practically lives in her bathtub, until one evening, when she is electrocuted in it.
Orange: The Hartog Tulip
A new type of diamond attracts the world’s attention. How could it have come from a salt mine, and why is Sergeant Thomas unsurprised when it is stolen?
Black: The Billionaires Club
An exclusive club for billionaires has been robbed. Sergeant Thomas and his friends have to solve the locked room mystery before word gets out.

And without further ado, here is the cover as designed by the wonderful Cathy Larsen:

Preorders are available now from your favourite bookshop (ISBN 9780648681687). Paperback/Ebook available from Amazon (AU, CA, UK, US).