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Jeremy Stanford will be launching his debut novel Rapture on Thursday the 1st of March at Readings Bookshop in St Kilda. The event will be hosted by Brian Nankervis. To be one of the first people to get your hands on this book that Eddie Perfect describes as “gripping and real,” be at Readings at 6.30pm.

About Rapture

First time parents Tim and Nicole give birth to a baby with a halo.

For a couple of atheists, it’s a bit of a shock.

In what should be the most auspicious moment of their lives, the couple find themselves scrambling for what to do next. When the child performs his first miracle, they realise they may well have the second coming on their hands.

As they go to ground to hatch a plan, their cover is blown, and the church is brought into the frame. But not before the leader of a fanatical religious sect catches wind of their story and vows to have the child for his own.

With the church, the fanatical fringe, and even their own family wanting a piece of the new messiah, can Tim and Nicole find a way to bring God to the world without turning the exercise into a circus?

In his gripping and darkly comic debut novel, Stanford explores the fight for the ownership of God, and tries to imagine what the world would do if there really were a second coming.


From little things…

The last few months have led to some exciting developments with Tale Publishing. Our distribution partnership has started and orders for hard copies of our titles will now be distributed by Woodslane. Our next goal is to gain similar distribution for Europe.

We now have six authors under our banner and several new titles set for publication. In January we will be re-releasing a back title from one of our authors, Jeremy Stanford, called Year of the Queen. This is a memoir of his time in the stage production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert and the release is timed with a revival of this musical. In March, Jeremy’s debut novel, Rapture, will be launched.

Early next year will also see the release of a speculative short story collection from Robert New, tentatively called Movemind. This will be his second book with us.

We’re also expecting to launch a series of six children’s and two non-fiction books from a new author soon. We’re keeping the rest of the details under wraps as the titles and scope of the project are finalised.

For a company that aims to publish two or three titles a year, we have at least ten titles set for release next year, which leads to the following:

Since forming we’ve had strong interest from people submitting manuscripts to us for consideration. We have been thrilled to generate such interest and have signed half of our authors from this process, however the submissions have built up and our response time has extended beyond what we consider to be fair. As such we have made the decision to close our submissions until at least November so that we can clear the backlog.


Tale Publishing are thrilled to announce that starting in September (but available to order now) we have Australia wide distribution for our books through Woodslane. Arranging distribution (beyond online bookshops) has been a goal of ours since we formed, as it helps us meet our objective to “form partnerships that enable our publications to reach the widest possible audience.” Woodslane will actively market our books to major retailers and help our titles get onto shelves in stores. This will also help us meet one of our other objectives of being “a publisher of choice for authors, retailers and readers.”



Over the Queen’s birthday weekend, we’ll be at the Continuum Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne. On Sunday we’ll be part of the ‘market day’ and running a stall to sell our books. We’d love to see you there.

Continuum is at The Jasper Hotel, 489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000. 4pm-9pm Friday, 9am-6pm Sat/Sun and 9am-1pm Monday.




Recently, while reading through Tale Publishing’s pile of submissions, we found a story that not only captured our attention, it took it hostage. It was a novel by Jeremy Stanford called Rapture.

Rapture is the tale of an atheist couple whose child is born with a halo.

After signing a contract with Jeremy this morning, we are thrilled to say Tale Publishing will be bringing you this cracking story towards the end of the year.

Jeremy has previously written a memoir about his time with the Australian stage production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. He also wrote and directed the movie The Sunset Six. Rapture will be his debut novel. We can’t wait for you to read it.

Book Launch for Secret Sibling

Christine Hoy’s book Secret Sibling was released just over a month ago. A book launch was held for it in Canada in early August and was a great success. Another one will occur in the UK in the future. Reviews have been coming in and they have been universally supportive. Reviewers have called it “a must read book,” “a really well written memoir,” and “heartwarming.” The reviewers also state that Christine “writes beautifully.”

Christine is donating her royalties to her charity GOOD NEWS CHILDREN’S TRUST(UK). You can order your copy from most online retailers including Amazon.


Christine signing books at the launch.

Beyond Violence (our 3rd publication).

Our next publication – Beyond Violence by Jiddu Krishnamurti, is a very unusual project for Tale Publishing. It is a translation into Arabic of a philosophical text concerning the sociology of knowledge and the nature of mental liberation. The translation has been completed by Robert Sayegh and we are publishing it in collaboration with the Krishnamurti Foundation. This is helping us achieve our objectives of “forming partnerships that enable our publications to reach the widest possible audience,” and publishing “2 or 3 books a year.” In fact this will be our third book since December, so we can cross the latter off for this year already.

However, working in what to us is a foreign language produces some interesting challenges. The Arabic script is not written from left to right and books are published back to front from our usual perspective. This means that software that automatically adds the barcode to the back cover is now adding it to the front cover instead. Thankfully, Robert Sayegh is working closely with us as we bring this book to publication, so such things are being picked up and will be corrected before release.

File 12-08-2016, 09 50 54

Proof copy with text the wrong way

Being the type of book that it is, we will only be doing a very small print run before making it available as print on demand and an e-book.

Secret Sibling Released

Tale Publishing are very excited to announce that Secret Sibling, the debut from Christine Hoy, has now been released.

Secret Sibling is a memoir of Christine`s search for her biological family after she was given up for adoption as a baby. This globe trotting story spans from World War II to the present day.

S.C. Karakaltsas (Author of Climbing the Coconut Tree) calls it “A poignant and frank story of heart break and search for identity and family – a remarkable book.”

Buy it on Amazon (other retailers to follow).



New Cover Art

We’ve updated the cover art for Christine Hoy’s debut, Secret Sibling. We’re getting very close to publication and look forward launching the book later this month. Stay tuned for details…

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