Book Launch for Secret Sibling

Christine Hoy’s book Secret Sibling was released just over a month ago. A book launch was held for it in Canada in early August and was a great success. Another one will occur in the UK in the future. Reviews have been coming in and they have been universally supportive. Reviewers have called it “a must read book,” “a really well written memoir,” and “heartwarming.” The reviewers also state that Christine “writes beautifully.”

Christine is donating her royalties to her charity GOOD NEWS CHILDREN’S TRUST(UK). You can order your copy from most online retailers including Amazon.


Christine signing books at the launch.

Beyond Violence (our 3rd publication).

Our next publication – Beyond Violence by Jiddu Krishnamurti, is a very unusual project for Tale Publishing. It is a translation into Arabic of a philosophical text concerning the sociology of knowledge and the nature of mental liberation. The translation has been completed by Robert Sayegh and we are publishing it in collaboration with the Krishnamurti Foundation. This is helping us achieve our objectives of “forming partnerships that enable our publications to reach the widest possible audience,” and publishing “2 or 3 books a year.” In fact this will be our third book since December, so we can cross the latter off for this year already.

However, working in what to us is a foreign language produces some interesting challenges. The Arabic script is not written from left to right and books are published back to front from our usual perspective. This means that software that automatically adds the barcode to the back cover is now adding it to the front cover instead. Thankfully, Robert Sayegh is working closely with us as we bring this book to publication, so such things are being picked up and will be corrected before release.

File 12-08-2016, 09 50 54

Proof copy with text the wrong way

Being the type of book that it is, we will only be doing a very small print run before making it available as print on demand and an e-book.

Secret Sibling Released

Tale Publishing are very excited to announce that Secret Sibling, the debut from Christine Hoy, has now been released.

Secret Sibling is a memoir of Christine`s search for her biological family after she was given up for adoption as a baby. This globe trotting story spans from World War II to the present day.

S.C. Karakaltsas (Author of Climbing the Coconut Tree) calls it “A poignant and frank story of heart break and search for identity and family – a remarkable book.”

Buy it on Amazon (other retailers to follow).




One of our stated objectives is to form partnerships and we are pleased to announce that Tale Publishing has been accepted as a member of the Small Press Network. This is the peak body for small press publishers and we are delighted to join them.

Being a member will give us access to their new release promotion services, conference and other services. It is also recognition that we are a true small publisher – not a vanity press.

We look forward to a long a successful membership and to take advantage of it for our upcoming new release by Christine Hoy called Secret Sibling, which should be out very soon.

A surprising chapter…

We were delighted to gain our second author, Christine Hoy earlier this year and are delighted to announce that a third author has joined Tale Publishing.

Robert Sayegh has brought an interesting project to us. It is a work in translation, but the surprising thing is it’s a translation into Arabic. This poses some unique challenges for us, but ones we are looking forward to meeting. The text is a philosophical treatise called Beyond Violence and we will be working with the translator to publish it. The work will be published in partnership with the copyright owner the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust.

This is not Robert Sayegh’s only project though – he is working on a debut novel, tentatively title The Sonic Flu that is a tale worth telling.

Book Launched

We are currently hard at work editing Christine Hoy’s debut memoir The Secret Sibling, for release later this year. We’ve also been busy marketing Robert New’s book Incite Insight, which launched last month and has already outsold his previous book, The Conversationist which Robert had self-published. The reviews have been coming in too and they have been very positive and praise the intriguing nature of the plot, which pleases us since our stated mission is to publish such stories. If you have not yet purchased it, please head over to our ordering page for details on where you can get a copy.



Robert New launching Incite Insight to a packed Readings store in Hawthorn last month.






The book even made the front window of the shop for a couple of weeks.

New Author Signs to Tale Publishing

Tale Publishing are thrilled to announce the signing of our second author Christine Hoy. Christine has written a moving memoir entitled, Secret Sibling. The memoir explores her search for her biological family after she was adopted as a young child. It’s a fascinating story that spans WWII to today. We can’t wait to launch the book in the second half of the year.

File 16-01-2016, 8 26 11 PM (2)
Christine Hoy with Robert New

First Release

Our first book, Incite Insight by Robert New has been released. It has been available as an e-book from Amazon for a few weeks (other e-book types will be out mid-year) and has now been released as a hardcopy.

File 9-01-2016, 16 43 34
Robert New (Centre) with some happy readers.

The hardcopy is available from all online book retailers and can be ordered from your local bookshop (ISBN: 978-0994439901). See our ordering page for more information.